Indore is Adopting Copper Bottles to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Products

During his Mann Ki Baat address on 25 August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke of starting a new ‘Jan Andolan’ against single use plastic from Gandhi Jayanti i.e. 2 October. PM appealed to the indian people not to use single use plastic. The announcement by the Prime Minister comes at a time when plastic waste has severely impacted the environment and biodiversity.

According to a report by the Central Pollution Committee Board, (CPCB), 62 million tonnes of waste is generated in India daily, Of which eight percent is plastic waste. Worse, it is only a fraction of it that is placed where it is.

To deal with this issue, the Indore Municipal Corporation is replacing all plastic bottles and single-use plastic items with traditional utensils and copper lots in government offices, private works and public places. There are many institutions in the city where drinking water is being given in copper lots instead of plastic bottles.

Speaking to NDTV, the Indore Municipal Corporation Advisor of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Asad Warsi said,

“We provide water in a copper ‘pot, steel or glass glass. We serve snacks in metal or glass plates. We have banned plastic water bottles, cups and plates in major government offices. ”

All plastic items such as forks, spoons, and cups are also banned. To maintain copper utensils, peons and cleaning staff have been given the responsibility of maintaining hygiene and further, an automatic dishwasher will be installed in the major government offices and markets of the city. These machines will use only 20 percent of the water that is being used under a running tap.

Asad continues,

“We are also planning to install large automated dishwashers in markets where there are food shops, so that we can achieve the target of zero-waste markets. We have selected three agencies that set some upfront Dishwashers are ready to be installed at the places visited. In addition they will collect utensils, wash them, return them to the respective shops and offices, at minimum service fees. “

Taking this initiative a step further, the Municipal Corporation has also started ‘Pottery Bank’, where you can get utensils for free by dialing a toll-free number, 0731-4987161. A person who does not use disposable utensils for his events, is being provided with steel utensils from this bank, which he does not have to pay any rent. According to DB Post’s report, with the help of CSR initiatives of some private companies, at the initial stage, the corporation has arranged utensils for around 500 people.

Asad says

“We have so far established two‘ pot banks ’, one each in Bengali Square and the other in Sukhlia. The corporation is in the process of setting up 17 more at common places in the city. ”

There are 3,000 utensils in each bank. They can be used by anyone in the city. However, a person has to call for booking in advance. In addition, he must return the vessel to the corporation’s office after carrying and organizing the utensils.

The utensils provided by the corporation include plates, glasses of water and some other items. Speaking to NDTV on the initiative, Vishal Kulkarni, a resident of Nand Nagar, Indore, who took utensils from the utensil bank, said,

“This is a very good initiative by the Municipal Corporation. This is not only to reduce the waste generated by disposable cutlery but is also much cheaper for users. I have once used ‘utensil bank’ utensils for partying at home. I will use them again and recommend others to use them instead of buying disposable plates, glasses of water and cutlery. “

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