Modi Government Launched a New Scheme For Millions of Farmers of Jammu and Kashmir

The Narendra Modi (Modi Government) government of the Center has made a new plan to improve the financial condition of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K Economy) through the apple. Both the government and local administration will help the apple farmers.A new scheme has been announced by the Modi government of the Center for the farmers who are cultivating Apple. Under this scheme, NAFED will buy apples directly from the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir and after this, the amount under DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) will go directly to the farmers’ accounts. A target has been set to complete the purchase of apples from farmers by 15 December. Let us tell you that the purpose of starting the new scheme is to get better prices of apples to the farmers so that their income can increase. 7 lakh farmers are expected to benefit from this scheme. Let me tell you that 70 per cent of the country’s apple is produced in Kashmir.

The name of this scheme is Special Market Intervention Price Scheme, whose main goal is to get apple growers in Kashmir according to the quality of their crop. The government organization in this scheme is the Nafed nadhaar, which is the crop for the farmers. Will help in deciding the ways of growing, the place and price of purchasing the crop. As far as local administration is concerned, it will work on strengthening and modernizing the mandis.

The government aims to procure 12 lakh metric tonnes of apples in this season from their growers, Nafed’s help is being taken to implement the scheme, the special thing is to buy apples from apple growers’ gardens. The system is being started.

>> If the apple is not maintained properly, then the risk of spoilage in moving it from one place to another remains equal. Government buyers will come to the door of the farmers themselves to remove this danger.

>> The central government and the local administration of Jammu and Kashmir claim that after the implementation of this scheme, the farmers there will get an additional benefit of two thousand crore rupees.

According to the data of last year’s apple crops, 2 million metric tons of apple was produced in Kashmir region, in such a situation, the government is hopeful that if the apple crop was purchased on the same scale this year, then its producers Will get an additional benefit of two thousand crores.

>> This process has started from September 1 and will run for the next 6 months which will end on March 1, 2020. The cost of this scheme, which was started to improve the health of the apple growers, will be around 8000 crores.
A few days ago, the Home Minister himself took a meeting with the sarpanches and apple growers of Jammu and Kashmir in the Ministry of Home Affairs after which important instructions were given to the officials concerned. After which, if the Nafed is the principal of the central government, then the Horticulture Department will execute this scheme on behalf of the state government.
The local administration will keep an eye on the mandis of Srinagar, Shofia, Anantnag, Baramulla and it will be ensured that the apples are collected from the growers and kept in the mandi according to the set standards.
A new committee will be formed – The central government and the state government will form a grading committee to fix apple prices. This committee will make apples sit in three categories, A B and C i.e. the quality of apple as best as possible, it will also be assessed according to the set criteria.
After taking apples from the growers, it will also be ensured that they get the price of their crops through the bank within 48 hours. Apart from this, online marketing is also being strengthened for apple cultivation. Overall, it is being tried in which country, if any citizen of India wants to taste the apple of Kashmir, then he can ask the farmers about their apple quality. You can enjoy the taste of apple by paying the price accordingly.

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